Technology Budget

Policy Change for our Tech Budget

Bringing ourselves into compliance with the IRS’s rule for not doing business reimbursements older than 60 days necessitates a change in our practice for administering our Tech Budget. For review, our current policy states:

Employees are allotted $500 per year for technology which is specific to a laptop and printer. Accessories are not included in this budget unless purchased alongside the computer in a given year (Ex: Laptop configuration with additional battery, etc). This amount does roll over each year if unused. Part-time employees receive a prorated amount based on hours worked. This can only be claimed at the end of each full year employed (ex: if you started in Sept. 2010 you can purchase a laptop but won’t be reimbursed until Sept. 2011).

Because some people have bought technology exceeding the amount they had accrued, we have allowed them to claim the rest of an accrued amount at their next employment anniversary. For, example, if you purchased a $1000 laptop after your first year of employment, you could claim $500 then, and one year later, you could claim the other $500. However this practice does not comply with the IRS’s rules for reimbursements. So in the future, our policy will be as follows.

Employees are allotted $500 per year for technology that increases productivity. This amount rolls over if unused. Part-time employees receive a prorated amount based on hours worked. The technology allowance can only be claimed at the end of one full year of employment. If employees purchase technology in excess of their accrued allowance, they will be reimbursed their accrued amount, within 60 days of the purchase. They can apply for the balance of the purchase after the full amount has been accrued, but all such retroactive requests will be taxable income.

Note that the new policy broadens the items allowed for the tech budget. The old policy was written in the days before tablets and mobile computing and this makes it more relevant for today. Also, note that after the first year, it is not only on the annual anniversary that the $500 accrues; the amount accrues monthly. Because retroactive requests are taxable (per IRS requirements) it means that if you can wait on your purchase until the full amount is accrued, you can get it tax free. If you can’t wait and buy earlier, you will have to pay taxes on any amount retroactively claimed. Please code all General Fund technology budget items to 152/8120 – Staff/Equipment. If you are not paid out of the general fund, please consult your supervisor as to how to code the expense.

The policy is written based on an accrual system because after the purchase, you own the technology purchased. It is not Epicentre’s – to maintain, replace if broken, or reclaim in the event you leave our employment.

Furthermore, if you are currently holding a receipt for technology that is older than 60 days, when you accrue the full amount of the purchase, you can turn in the receipt and also request an additional 7.65% to cover the taxes that you now have to pay because of our change in policy. This only applies to receipts dated before 7/14/16.


Upcoming Dates

April 12th - 9:30 - Easter Debrief. We want to give everyone a chance to give feedback from our Easter Event. To do this we want to start our staff meeting on Tuesday the 12th at 9:30. We will spend 1/2 hour for our normal connection time, and then an hour for feedback. We will process Sunday newcomers at 11:00. 11:30 for Sunday feedback.
May 5th - Last All Staff Friday meeting. We will take the summer off from these meetings
Summer Holidays - Our summer holidays all fall on Mondays. Instead of mandating that we all take the Friday before or Tuesday after off, we will grant everyone three additional vacation days. These will be added to your balance and you still need to go through the normal approval process with your supervisor.

  • May 30th - Memorial Day Weekend.
  • July 4th - Independence Day. 
  • Sept 5th - Labor Day Weekend. 

Sept 16th - Yes, we're way into the future here, but this is the date we have set to restart our Friday Staff meetings.



Staff Meeting Update

Conference Rhythm

Antioch International is changing its conference rhythm. This year we had 1,000 people at iCON, and in three years it will be too big to efficiently accomplish its objectives. AMI has come up with a new conference rhythm to meet our growing needs.

Epicentre will have staff retreats on the off iCON years, so be prepared for information about our 2016 retreat.


We have 6 candidates for the admin position to replace Josh Chen. We will start interviewing soon. Please keep praying for this!


John shared a few more highlights from the board meeting. Some of what he shared included recommendations from the board to

  • Work hard to develop a middle layer of lay leadership for discipleship and pastoral care of our LG leaders.
  • Expect that we will need a critical mass closer to 1,200 people to be able to sustain the church planting vision that God has given us.
  • Thinks strongly as we grow about going back to two services so that we can involve more volunteers and continue to feed the people who are serving most.


Staff Meeting Update

Room Reservations!

Josh Chen gave a short training on how to reserve rooms in CCB. Please ask Josh about how to do this if you missed the training. Please don't email Josh to make room reservations - use the system! If you have admin access, please do not approve your own requests, let Josh do that.

Time Off Hours Submission

Here is a refresh on requesting time off:

  • Turn in by Tuesday noon, 2+ weeks before the requested day off.

  • Put the reason, in the tracksmart request, not in a separate email.

  • You are responsible for finding coverage for your different roles and for communicating with the different people that interface with you that you will be gone and who to talk to in your absence.

  • Emergency requests are fine, but please keep them to a minimum!

  • Part time people - Please record your days off according to your % FTE x 8 hours - except if you keep a fixed schedule only working certain days. In that case, please record the hours you actually miss.

Impact Registration

Register - don't just assume we know you are coming. Make our registration numbers right. Paid staff and paid interns are free. Please pay for and register for food.

Website Calendar

Keep it updated! All events that new comers or attenders might look for. Yes: Youth Group; no other LGs. Yes LGL meetings; no worship team practice. Yes to Women’s group. Yes to training school, outreach trips. Etc. For most multi-day events, just put start dates in the calendar and end dates in the notes!

Pictures are not required. Pictures will not show up on the main page if there is more than one event. If your picture shows up on the main page, because you are the only event that day you MUST have a picture that has large text imposed so people know what the event is when they look at the main page (without hovering over it) and also works on the web page [don’t have the text so big that it gets cut off on the bar.] See college retreat vs. Man Day pictures.

If you want your event to have a web page, you can create one, or you can use the calendar page. If you use the calendar page, then you will probably want a picture. Make your pictures, nice, not grainy!

Advisory Board

Our advisory board meeting is the 20th and the 21st. We will be focusing on three main questions: how to balance our growth with our desire to send people out, how to grow our discipleship and LG leaders, and discernment about Evelyn's role here at Epicentre.


Upcoming Events!

  • Here is a list from our Friday staff meeting of upcoming stuff!
  • Manday
  • Youth
    • Oct. 16th Parent’s Forum
    • 17th Outreach Santa Anita Mall
    • Impact Conference - Youth Track
  • KK Training - Oct. 25th - Equip and train volunteers.
  • Meat & Greet 10/25; 12/6
  • College 10/18 - leadership meeting; 28th 30th Missionaries on the walk (Missions Dept.)
  • Sunday 18th GST Training noon.
  • Operation Christmas Child Oct. 18th - promo collection 8th 15th 22nd
  • Starting 10/25 - Christmas and praying for 10; inviting 5; expecting at least 2
  • 11/1 Lifegroup Leaders’ Meeting
  • 11/1 Sexuality and Romans 1
  • Impact 11/13-14
    • Register!
    • Register for food
  • 11/22 Members Meeting for LGBT issue
  • mid-december - teresa and pauline launch