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SLIDES: Ethnic Reconcilation Teaching.pdf

Scripture for Cultural Diversity
• Genesis 1 - God created the world
• Genesis 1- 11 - Set up, Genesis 12 starts God's plan to redeem
• Genesis 11 - Final chapter about sin, the building of the Tower of Babel. 

So culture and race was birth out of God's image and brokenness of sin.

• Genesis 12:1-3 First step in the redemption, displace Abram and family to start the process of reconciliation with the nations. All fore fathers are immigrants. Many biblical character are in bi-racial or are culturally and ethnically different cultures. 

• Numbers 12:1 But there was tension towards bi-racial marriages in the past as well. 

Israel becomes nationalist and prideful. So the prophets come in and speak out against their treatment of other people that are oppressed. 

• Jesus (in Luke 4:18-19) his mission statement. He called out the racism: Luke 4:25-27. They get mad and try to drive him out. 

• Samaritans and Jews with crazy hate crimes.

• Jesus gets furious when the temples were becoming a marketplace taking advantage and exploiting of the poor and the gentiles. 

To follow Jesus is to carry his heart. 

• Mark 15:39 - Roman soldier at the foot of the cross. 
• Acts - Jesus in Ch 1, presents himself to the disciples for 40 days. They asked if He will restore Israel, ethnic pride. It's not about Israel, it's about the family of the world. 
• Acts 2 - Holy Spirit Comes at Pentacost. Jesus came to reverse the curse of Babel. The disciples starts speaking tongues (languages of all the people). But instead of going they build a church in Jerusalem. But they do obey by start to help the poor and build community. God blesses whatever faithfulness the people give Him but eventually his plan will happen. 
• Acts 6 - They are taking care of the poor but some race get more food than other races. Feeding the widows. So they chose 7 men (Greek Jews) to take care of the distribution for food. Majority often has the power no matter how we want to believe we're the same. When Minority culture complaint, it's not godly to just say they are being ungrateful. God reminds us to remember when the Israel was in the minority. Solution: put the minority into leadership. 
• 4 times in the bible, they emphasize a growth in the church when they pursue racial reconciliation. 
• When they don't want to go out to the nations, persecution happens and they are forced to go. 
• Acts 10 Peter & Cornelius. 
• Acts 11 Antioch Church happens.
• Revelation 7:9 - "every nation, tribe, and tongue" picture of people of all color and races.
• Rev 21:23-27