• Super Saturday: Reproducing Discipleship (RD)


• Place: Upper Franson

• Time: 9:00am-6:30pm
• Need someone to host a lady from Thurs 3/2 - Sun 3/5
• Need people to help set up on Saturday morning at 8:00am
• Need someone to drive the lady to LAX Sun 3/5 morning. Arrive at LAX by 8:00am
If you can help, please email


• Book Reading


• Book Discussion: Victory of the Darkness on March 14
• New Book: Change the World through Discipleship


Outreach Opportunities:


• Pray about what location God is putting on your heart for this summer. After discerning, please write down your top two locations and the reasoning behind it. We will pray and discern alongside you. 


• Domestic - 1 week
• Mongolia - 18+ days
• Pune - 2 weeks
• Malawi - 2 weeks



TEACHING - Spiritual Authority


• Slides: Spiritual Authority.pdf (Coming Soon)