• Find your intercessors to make sure you are covered in prayer. For classes like Inner Healing and Father Heart, you're inviting God into places of vulnerability to bring freedom. The enemy will try to distract and prevent that from happening so it's good to have people keep you in prayer. 
  • Tuition: if you don't already have a payment plan, pray and ask God for one then email Victoria@epicentrechurch.org.
  • OTS - Opportunity to Serve: Sign up to help us out in throwing out the trash, doing the worship slides and leading worship. Try to serve at least once each cycle. 
  • Super Saturday is this coming Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 9am-6:30pm. Meet in Latourette Library (head downstairs, make a right, enter the hallway and locate room L3 - Commission Church.
  • Super Saturday Lunch: You have a 90 minute lunch slot where you can either 1) Bring your own food and heat it up in the microwave or 2) go out and eat with others. Bring cash if you're going out with a group.