I wish I could talk to other women about some things I can’t escape. Like questions and feelings about career vs. family. About roles at home and in the community. And issues that require trust to even bring up.

  1. To Work.. or Not to Work
    Lydia the businesswoman ~ Acts 16:11-15
  2. What About Submission?
    One flesh ~ Genesis 2:4-25
  3. My Role in the Community
    Priscilla’s gift ~ Acts 18:1-4; 18-28
  4. Can I Love Too Much?
    Learning not to do it all ~ Exodus 18:1-27
  5. Why Didn’t God Help?
    Amnon rapes Tamar ~ 2 Samuel 13:1-22
  6. Recovering From Abuse
    Jesus heals a bleeding woman ~ Mark 5:24-34