I feel like Iā€™m giving and always giving in. I want to be a giving person, but I have needs too. How and when do I speak up for myself?

  1. Empathy vs. Obsession
    Jesus mourns with friends ~ John 11:1-44
  2. Servanthood vs. Setting Limits
    Mary chooses not to serve ~ Luke 10:38-42
  3. Caring for Myself
    Accepting help for others ~ Exodus 18:1-27
  4. Speaking Up
    Esther speaks for her people ~ Esther 4:6-17; 7:1-10
  5. A Strong Woman
    Deborah guides Israel ~ Judges 4:1-24
  6. At Peace with Myself
    Jesus at peace in the temple ~ Luke 2:41-52