The divorce is final, but I still feel numb. On the outside, things haven’t changed that much. But on the inside, it’s another matter. I feel lost. Alone with my anger. How can I ever start to heal?

  1. The Death of a Dream
    Naomi: empty and bitter ~ Ruth 1:1-22
  2. Dealing with Anger
    Cain and Abel ~ Genesis 4:1-26
  3. Taking the High Road
    The unmerciful servant ~ Matthew 18:21-35
  4. Lost Identity
    Jesus heals an ‘unclean’ woman ~ Mark 5:24-34
  5. God Cares
    Elijah and a single mother ~ 1 Kings 17:1-24
  6. Hope for Healing
    On the road to Emmaus ~ Luke 24:13-35