Where did we go wrong? I never dreamed our son would make the choices he has. Didn’t our values sink in at all? And how do we relate to him now? What should or shouldn’t we say to him?

  1. Sharing Your Story
    Prodigal: a parable of pain ~ Luke 15:11-32
  2. Coping With Grief
    Eli and his wayward sons ~ 1 Samuel 2:12-26
  3. Dealing With Disappointment
    Chaos in David’s family ~ 2 Samuel 13:23-39
  4. Knowing How to Relate
    David longs for Absalom ~ 2 Samuel 14:1-33
  5. Feeling Their Pain
    Peter disowns Jesus ~ Luke 22:54-62
  6. Believing in Miracles
    Jesus forgives Peter ~ John 21:1-25