It’s about time men got together and got real. I know what’s right and what I need to do. I don’t need advice, but I do need a group of guys to listen, keep what I say to themselves, and hold me accountable.

  1. Our Need for Others
    Raising the roof for a friend ~ Mark 2:1-12
  2. Our Need for Accountability
    Gehazi caught red-handed ~ 2 Kings 5:1-27
  3. Our Need for Support
    David’s mighty men ~ 2 Samuel 23:8-23
  4. Our Need for Counsel
    Rehoboam needs advice ~ 1 Kings 12:1-24
  5. Our Need for Correction
    Nathan rebukes David ~ 2 Samuel 12:1-14
  6. Our Need for Mentoring
    Moses commissions Joshua ~ Numbers 27:12-23