Since we’ve been married, my spouse won’t come to church with me. I want our children to grow up with Christian teaching, but he/she doesn’t back me up. How can I please God and my spouse?

  1. Don’t Give Up
    A household conversion ~ Acts 16:16-40
  2. God’s Love and Ours
    Abraham pleads for Sodom ~ Genesis 18:16-33
  3. Putting Things in God’s Hands
    Abraham’s greatest test ~ Genesis 22:1-19
  4. Who’s Number 1?
    Take a warning from Solomon ~ 1 Kings 10:23-11:13
  5. God is at Work
    Praying for Peter in prison ~ Acts 12:1-19
  6. Your Spiritual Family
    Mary and John at the cross ~ John 19:16-27