Why use CCB to organize events

When you use CCB to organize events, you create one place where everyone can see who has signed up for what, for multiple events at once. People can see what is available and who has taken what. Once people sign up, the will be automatically reminded a few days beforehand.

Note: do this the group settings must be set to "Group members can create new needs" or you must be designated a leader of the group in CCB.


Setting your group up so anyone can create needs

  1. Click on “Group Actions->Edit Group Settings"
  2. On the "Options" tab check the box "Group members can create new needs"
  3. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Getting your group ready

  1. Tell your people about the system and that they will need to log into CCB. If they got tax receipts last year, they have logged in. If they can't remember their password, they can request one on the website. People can access CCB from www.epicentrechurch.org by clicking on "Community Tools" at the top of each page or by going straight to epicentre.church/ccb.
  2. Update your Lifegroup roster. Click here for instructions.

Creating Needs

  1. Log in to CCB
  2. Click on “Groups” on the left and search for your lifegroup. Or, your lifegroup may appear on your homepage.
  3. On your lifegroup’s homepage, click on "Needs”
  4. Click on "New Needs"
  5. Fill in the "Need Title". This will figure prominently in the email notifications, but the other details don't need filled out for most LG needs.
  6. List the things you want people to sign up for, with the date. It all should look something like the screenshots below.
  7. Save the need.

Informing People

  1. After you have created the need, click on inform people.
  2. You can send it to the whole group, or to a list of people you choose.
  3. Write the text of the email that will be sent.
  4. Hit Send
  5. People will get an email that looks like the screen shot below.
  6. When they click on the view need they will see a screen that will let them choose the needs. If they go back to again, they will be able to see who has taken needs and which are left.
  7. If the date is drawing nearer and you still have spots open, you can click "inform people" again to remind people to sign up.
  8. People will be able receive an automatic email reminder from CCB a few days before the need they committed to.