Stuck: Holding Pain

We’ve been through a lot this past year. Although there are certainly many things to celebrate, many of us have also experienced real struggles, pains, and even losses. In light of that, we want to create a space for us to be present with our feelings, pains, and struggles, and to learn how to “hold” each other’s pain as well. God isn’t afraid of our emotions or questions. In fact, he seems to invite us to be honest about how we feel and to turn to him right in the midst of feeling pain or uncertainty. As we enter this space, we believe that God is going to meet us, and even heal us, in ways only he can!

We’ve put together an 8 week lesson plan that can take our groups through a process of building trust and safety, opening up about painful moments, and going to God together. Please feel free to amend these lessons as you see fit for your particular group, and to take breaks throughout as needed. If your lifegroup structure has built in gender or discipleship nights, you could consider doing one of these lessons during that time so that this series doesn’t take too long to go through.
One structural piece that we think would really help is to establish small groups of 3-4 that can stay together throughout the series. At the end of each night, we’ll have opportunities to go into these small groups to process, share, and support one another. Particularly as we’ll be exploring pain, we think having set groups will help to foster connection, intimacy, safety, and even continuity. These could be already established d-groups, gender groups, or co-ed. And if new people join along the way, you can just plug them into a group.

Each week we’ll also include a practical exercise that can help each individual continue to engage and grow in these topics even outside of lifegroup. Oftentimes these will set up the next week’s lesson in some way so you’ll want to encourage your folks to engage in these practices and maybe send out some reminders as needed too.

If a serious or complicated situation arises for a member, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Zone Pastor or Section Leader, or to refer that individual to a mental health professional. Please also let us know if you have any questions or if there are any ways we can support you in this process. We are so grateful for each of you and excited to see how God might meet us in this season!