We’re so grateful that you’ve been willing to jump in to help and support the people and communities who are in need. As we have been “Serving Pasadena” our church body has quickly responded to the needs of the city (giving to the homeless, donating masks, delivering food and encouraging those at risk). During this time we’ve noticed that there are needs inside and outside of the city of Pasadena. Epicentre ACTS is our response to that need. Epicentre ACTS is the meeting together of the ancient Acts 2 church with the modern realities of the 2020 church. Epicentre ACTS will be a reminder of unity and support as we practically help those in the church family and beyond. Epicentre ACTS is a call to action to come alongside those who need help inside and outside of Pasadena.


**Please sign up to serve and sign a disclaimer/waiver first and then we’ll give you the specific details on how to connect with these organization!**
During the COVID-19 season, we will take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Please bring your own mask and stay at least 6 ft from others.

Below are a few descriptions of our Epicentre Acts opportunities.
1. Project H20
Super exciting news, Project H2O is now an official partner of LAHSA (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority) with open doors to all of LA & we reached wave 2 of over 1,000! THANK YOU! Here are the updates: www.livetenotwo.com/news
Would you & you friends or LG/Home Church like to be involved in wave 3? (Cards, masks, donations, assembling?) www.livetenotwo.com/H2O2.

2. Frontline Care
We have at least a dozen Epicentre family members who serve on the front lines as medical professionals. Jump into action by encouraging them in some way, whether through a note of thanks, a meal, practical shopping for them, or praying for them. Sign up below to care for our frontline workers!

3. Union Station Homeless Services Food Supply Donation
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Got Questions or have an Epicentre Acts? Contact John Ho, our Serve Team & Incorporations Pastor.