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2017 10-31
Visions & Values 


  • Reading (due next Tuesday)
    • Tale of Three Kings Part 2
    • Secrets of the Secret Place Ch 35-37
  • Recite Memory Verses next week
    • Romans 8: 19-24
  • DSchool Outreach Flight Itinerary
    • Flying Spirit Airlines (Terminal 3)
    • Departure flight (NK216)
      Tue, 12/26 LAX at 8:19am
      Arrive in IAH at 1:35pm
    • Arrival flight (NK327)
      Tue, 1/2 IAH at 3:55pm
      Arrive in LAX at 5:45pm
    • Confirmation Code: X6TQUL
    • Remember to check in the day before and print out your ticket. It will cost extra to print it there.
  • Spirit Baggage allowance
    • Each passenger is allowed 1 personal item and 1 checked bag. See dimensions in slides below.
  • Things to know when flying with Spirit Airlines
    • Stick with the allotted baggage or you may end up paying $$$ to check in more bags at the counter.
    • Bring an empty water bottle (because they don't provide you with water) to fill up at the airport after you go through TSA.
    • Bring your own snacks (no free peanuts/pretzels)
    • No inflight entertainment. Bring a book!
    • Full suggested packing list will later.
  • Prime Time Shuttle
    • Since it's an early flight, we're booking a shuttle to take us to and from the airport to save your family and friends a trip to LAX during rush hour. However, you can opt out if you want.
    • Your Action Points
      • Find a ride to drop you off at the church on the morning of Dec 26 (Time TBD)
      • Find a ride to pick you up from the church office when we get back on Jan 2.
      • Confirm with us if you're opting in 
  • Fasting
    • Media fast from October 31 - November 14
      • Take some time to pray and ask God what He wants you to fast from.
      • Then share within your Iron on Iron groups to have them help you stay accountable.
  • Finances
    • Overall School Goal $14,200
    • Current: $4,480 (31%)
    • Remaining Balance: $9,720

2017 11-07
Spiritual Authority


  • Reading (due next Tuesday)
    • Money, Possession & Eternity Ch 17-18, 20 (21)
    • Secrets of the Secret Place Ch 29-31
  • Support Letter Tips
    • Who does graphic design and can design the layout of the letter?
    • Who can do some research on photos/facts regarding Houston?
    • Who can do editing? Spelling and grammar check?
  • Finances
    • verall School Goal: $14,200
    • Current: $6,190 (44%)
    • Remaining Balance: $8,010



  1. What did you like about this book?  
  2. What did you not like about this book?  
  3. Have you ever been under a Saul? How did you react to his/her leadership? What fruit did it bear?  
  4. Have you ever had to lead an Absalom? How did you react to his/her rebellion? What fruit did it bear? 
  5. What aspects of Saul do you see in yourself?  
  6. What aspects of David do you see in yourself?  
  7. What aspects of Absalom do you see in yourself?  
  8. How do you think God is dealing with the Saul/Absalom in you?  
  9. What do you learn about spiritual authority from this book? What does God’s word say about spiritual authority? (See Romans 13:1-­5; Hebrews 13:17)

2017 11-14


  • This Saturday is Super Saturday
    • Meet in the Hope Room at 9am
    • Bring your laptop for Saturday
    • Pack a lunch or bring money to grab lunch
  • StrengthFinder - Please have it done before this Saturday, November 18, 2017.
  • Saturday Details
  • Fundraiser Details

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