Bethel Heaven Come Conference 2017 

Heaven Is The Reality Of His Kingdom 

Join thousands from around the world in downtown Los Angeles on September 21-23 for Heaven Come Conference 2017. There has never been a more important time to unite as one church and lift the name of Jesus above all else. Heaven isn’t just a destination, it’s the reality of His kingdom in us here and now. At Heaven Come Conference, we'll explore what it looks like for Heaven to come to earth.

Bethel has invited some great leaders from around the world to share with you, like: Carl Lentz, Robert Madu, Lou Engle, Joel Houston and Brooke Ligertwood. Core leaders from our home church, Bethel Redding, will bring timely messages for the global church, including: Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson, Danny Silk and Paul Manwaring.

Here and Now

Jesus was the Father’s full expression of Heaven on earth. He responded to brokenness, disease and separation with transformative love and authority. There is an invitation to each one of us in how Jesus lived. Heaven is looking for partners, for those who will give their “yes." Jesus has given us the keys to the Kingdom-- qualifying us to call forth miracles, signs and wonders. “Greater things shall you do in My name.” -John 14:12

Whether you’re a worship leader, a pastor, a student, an influencer, a parent or someone hungry for more of Him, we believe Heaven Come Conference will empower you with tools, revelation, and greater passion to see Heaven come in and through you.

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